Analytics shift the focus from simply the efficient delivery of data to creating an intelligent enterprise.

Analytics for your business Analyze your data to do the following:
  • Create plans, explore alternatives and understand trade-offs
  • Monitor operational and financial performance
  • Drive day-to-day operational processes, and smartly allocate capital and resources
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Respond to changes in business conditions
  • Explore growth opportunities
  • Be proactive rather than reactive

Analytics represents the ability to acquire, consolidate and transform simple data into relevant information, allowing knowledge to drive business decisions and actions. But extracting actionable information from data grows more difficult as data volumes continue to swell. Decades of innovation have taken businesses beyond spreadsheets, yet manual and offline tools continue to underpin critical management decision-making and reporting.

PenguinData can help you capitalize on the value of your data – including real time, historical and predictive insights – to support strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Our services span:
  1. Analytics Strategy
  2. Analytics and Decision Support
  3. Enterprise/Medium/Small Company Analytics
    • Customer
    • Supply and Demand
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Information Technology