Managing a mobile workforce in industries such as cable/broadband installation, construction, electric and water utilities, telecom and satellite is filled with unique challenges. PenguinData’s mobile workforce management system is designed to address the extensive requirements needed to effectively manage personnel for any mobile service industry segment. Work order entry. Invoicing. Payroll. Our Mobile Workforce Management module allows you to:
  • Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, boxes and paper forms. You'll be able to enter work orders into PenguinData's interface quickly and efficiently and they'll be searchable when you need them.
  • Automate your entire invoicing and payroll process, including deductions. Easily create and reconcile invoices as well as create paysheets.
  • Track key employee info, including driver's license expiration dates, insurance coverage, background checks and more. Helpful alerts make sure you stay in front of issues like lapsed insurance or invalid licensing.
  • Review your weekly financials whenever you'd like. Displayed in real-time, metrics like your top grossing techs or revenue per tech become a more meaningful indicator of how well your company is performing … and they give you the ability to become more proactive than reactive.

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