Provides the tools you need to stay organized, starting from the application process and compiling all employee data, which automatically populates throughout the entire system.

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Prioritize Interconnectivity

Reduce administrative overhead. Interconnectivity between business components is a strategic imperative. Streamline every aspect of your business with a cohesive, user-friendly interface. Automate administrative tasks and simplify human capital management with a tailored to fit, single source of truth application.

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Applicant Center

Applicant Center allows prospective new hires to fill in job applications online, helping managers screen initial candidates with ease. With recruiting and hiring information centrally located, you can perform instant searches, create reports, and keep qualified candidates on file at your fingertips. Data tracking coordinates resource planning, recruiting, hiring, and candidate communication processes into a single managed solution that integrates the new hire data into the HRIMS Employee Onboarding.

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Employee Onboarding

As the information for the applicant flows from the Applicant Center, this allows Management to complete onboarding and officially bring them on as a new employee. This eliminates duplicate information, reduces entry errors, and saves your Human Resources department incredible amounts of time.

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Employee Orientation

Start with the basics for employees and view at a glance when they have accomplished each phase.

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Employee Info Center

Quick access to all employee information, propagated here during the onboarding process. Edits can be made here, all of which instantly update throughout the system, giving management the ability to onboard/offboard employees easily.

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Employee Self-Service Center

Make the lives of your employees easier by allowing each of them the opportunity to review their W-2s, payroll information, and check their PTO requests and balances. Employees can self-update all their information, including ACH and benefits, as well as provide all required employee information.