We work to increase our clients’ productivity and profitability. We accomplish this by offering the most revolutionary, innovative, and user-friendly software, designed to provide a central, integrated system for managing operations, and protecting your business.

When you subscribe to our services, you get more than just software. You become a member of our PenguinData family, the “PenguinData Rookery”. Our employees are committed to servicing our customers by following our Code of Ethics.


We see every day as a new beginning: A new set of challenges, a chance to reinvent ourselves.

We have integrity as our primary objective: We will accomplish our corporate goals by helping others achieve theirs, thereby helping ourselves.

We are not perfect, we will make mistakes: It is how we deal with these mistakes that will set us apart. We will never knowingly mislead our clients or hide our errors; we will learn from them and grow.

We will always strive to be the best: To continuously improve our clients' ability to efficiently manage the lifecycle of data, information and knowledge that they require to be their best.

We will never stop growing or evolving: We promise to keep our clients' interests at the core of every decision we make, so that they are kept ahead of the ever-changing business curve.

We will constantly learn: Every experience we have will make us wiser and better at what we do.

We will change, adapt and live only in the present and in the future: We are nourished by thinking about what can be done.

We will listen; we will invent; we will simplify: Our clients can make us better if we let them.

We will make all decisions for the good of the entire rookery: We will not compromise the many for the few, but will always bring a solution to the few, as we do for the many.

We will stand together as a community: There will always be a sense of urgency toward all rookery issues, no matter how big or small they are.

We will be honest with our clients: We cannot succeed without their trust.

We will safeguard our clients' private information: Assuring the privacy of all our clients' confidential data is a sacred trust that we cherish. Great steps have been taken to protect this trust.


Bridget Kelly


Chief Executive Officer

877.973.6484 x2206

As Chief Executive Officer for PenguinData, Bridget Kelly oversees operations for the company she co-founded. In her role, she provides strategic vision for developing PenguinData's software solution to meet clients' ever-changing needs.

A cable TV veteran, Bridget began her career in 1982 working in system new builds for major MSOs and later warehousing for several companies, including Meredith Cable. During this time, she expanded her knowledge of payroll, human resources, customer service, accounting and purchasing.

In 1994, Bridget left Meredith Cable to join Michael Enters in co-founding broadband contracting company New Age Cable Communications. As Vice President and CFO until selling the company to General Fiber Communications in late 2004, Bridget managed all aspects of human resources and payroll for New Age's 500-plus employees across six states and its 200-plus independent contractors.

Bridget is also co-founder of Streamline Communications, a Dallas, Texas based broadband contractor with a field staff of more than 40 uniformed in-house installation, construction, and service personnel.

Michael Enters


Chief Operating Officer

877.973.6484 x2212

A co-founder of PenguinData Workforce Management, Michael Enters is ardent about revolutionizing the way broadband contractors and MSOs manage their business. In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Michael is a driving force behind the software's development, and has made it his mission to ensure PenguinData is the easiest-to-use, most effective software solution on the market today.

Having launched his career in the broadband TV industry in 1978, Michael's knowledge runs deep. His experience spans working with major contracting and construction firms for Great Lakes Cable Communications, where he managed new builds and technical operations before later specializing in human resources, customer service, and day-to-day accountability on construction and MDU projects around the country.

In 1994, Michael left Great Lakes Cable Communications to help co-found broadband contracting company New Age Cable Communications. As CEO and President until selling the company to General Fiber Communications in late 2004, Michael managed all aspects of the company's operations, which boasted more than 500 employees in six states and worked with more than 200 independent contractors.

John Kuhlke


Chief Financial Officer

877.973.6484 x2211

John has a broad range of experience in accounting, financial and operations management. He has served at the C-level over the last 30 years as an innovative and internationally experienced Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Controller in construction, international sales and distribution, and professional services.

John began his career with Deloitte in Minneapolis, serving public and private clients in banking, brokerage, distribution, health care, insurance, manufacturing, telecom and portfolio companies. During his tenure in public accounting, he performed due diligence and led the audit team for Pillsbury's acquisition of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream.

After his public accounting career, John joined a construction company that was well known for its historic renovations, including the Red Wing Shoe Factory and the State Capitol of Minnesota.

As CFO and board member of the U.S. subsidiary of SICK GmbH, a $2 billion international company and one of the world's leading producers of sensors and sensor solutions in industrial applications, John helped turn around the company to become the largest and most profitable subsidiary in the group. He also led the global business unit initiatives, including evaluation and selection of fully integrated ERP systems, international reporting, and transfer pricing studies.

John is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in both Texas and Minnesota. He has served on Boards of Directors and in leadership roles for various non-profits and other organizations.

James Corvus


Chief Information Officer

877.973.6484 x 2219

As Chief Information Officer, James Corvus brings his vast experience with Web, database and programming technologies to the dual responsibilities of building and maintaining our infrastructure while also providing for future development.

James' passion for programming goes back to childhood; he began programming computers at 10 years old and by the time he reached his teens, he was spending much of his free time designing and building digital circuitry. Pet projects included building an analog-to-digital audio converter, a digital transceiver utilizing basic encryption, and various control systems. In high school, he assisted with the set-up of a digital graphics and video lab for the school's art program and acted as primary technical support and trainer for students and teachers using these systems.

Since the late '90s, James has worked as a network support specialist, a technology consultant for small businesses, and as a Web and email administrator. In 2003, he completed a private project to integrate three software products into a flexible and expandable database-backed email and collaboration system.

In 2006, he brought his experience in Web, database and programming technologies together to build the Galapagos content management system, upon which PenguinData is built. The continuing goal of this project is to provide a flexible and expandable framework upon which current and future Web services can be delivered.

Jeremey Peck


Senior Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Security

877.973.6484 x2205

As Senior Vice President of IT Infrastructure and Security at PenguinData, Jeremey Peck manages the company's day-to-day operations.

Jeremey has worked in various aspects of the cable industry since the late '90s. He started as a network support specialist, where he became well versed in cable systems architecture and operations. A natural leader, Jeremey quickly became a key trainer of network staff.

Moving into cable operations, Jeremey used the technical skills he had gained to design and maintain several cable operations' databases, which have since been used by many independent contracting companies. He again expanded his repertoire, becoming an IT manager, director of human resources, and safety officer for a cable firm in the Twin Cities. Jeremey is a certified Microsoft Business Partner.

Craig Frappier


Senior Vice President of Operations

877.973.6484 x2218

As our Senior Vice President of Operations, Craig has brought his 25+ years of the Broadband industry and customer satisfaction experience to our core executive team. Aiding in the further development of our current client development and new client acquisitions.

Since joining the telecommunications industry in the early '90s, Craig has worked with several MSO and contracting companies in various management positions. In 1995, he joined AT&T Broadband in Massachusetts, where he established a successful anti-piracy program for the company. Five years later, Craig relocated to Dallas for a promotion to Director of Security. In this role, he was responsible for creating and managing security awareness and training programs for all employees, among other duties.

In early 2003, Craig was introduced to Michael Enters and Bridget Kelly when he joined broadband contracting company New Age Cable Communications. In his role, he oversaw the daily operations of the company's Texas region, which grew during his tenure from 13 technicians and $625,000 in revenue to more than 125 technicians and $7.5 million in revenue. After New Age Cable was sold to General Fiber Communications in late 2004, Craig took a position as a Security Manager for Comcast before joining PenguinData in 2009.

Dave Ozuna


Senior Director of Operations

877.973.6484 x2216

As Senior Director of Operations, David Ozuna’s responsibilities are focused on overseeing our customer support department and our Integration Team to ensure we are providing the best customer experience throughout all areas of our company. Daily responsibilities are focused on working with development department to ensure all feature request and updates meet business needs for all of our customers.

Since starting his career in the Telecommunication industry in the mid 90’s with New Age Cable Communications that was founded by Michael W. Enters. David has worked for several contracting companies throughout the country holding multiple titles from technician to Director and doing all types of work from Residential, Commercial, Security, Buries and MDU installation for various MSO’s which has proven to be beneficial to PenguinData’s future development. During his short period away from the Cable Industry he managed a security installation group that installed camera systems for commercial use in hotels and casinos throughout the Midwest.

Since joining PenguinData in 2015 as an Integration Specialist he has quickly moved through the ranks and now as our Senior Director of Operations he is focused on Client Integration, customer satisfaction and future development of PenguinData. As a former user of PenguinData David believes in providing our customers with the best possible product with the most knowledgeable support team in the business.

Justin Hunt


Senior Operations Manager

877.973.6484 x 2209

As Senior Operations Manager, Justin Hunt is responsible for assisting with the company’s day-to-day operations and primary responsibilities are focused on core functional areas, such as specialized administrative, business development, client management and support services.

Justin joined the telecommunications industry in 2005 as a sub-contractor. As co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of D&J Cable Contractors, Justin assisted in growing the company into a multi-state fulfillment provider for MSO’s including Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Insight Communications, and MetroCast. During this time, he expanded his knowledge of payroll, human resources, inventory management, and customer service. In 2009, D&J Cable Contractors became a client of PenguinData, and Justin became an avid supporter for the product and credits PenguinData with assisting in the company’s growth. After his departure in 2013 from D&J Cable Contractors, Justin owned and operated a construction company specializing in the rehabilitation of multi-family housing projects in North Carolina.

Justin joined PenguinData in 2015 as an Integration Specialist with the strategic focus on New Client Integration and Support due to his belief that providing the highest level of service begins with proper training and preparation. Justin collaborates directly with senior leadership on the development of strategies to enhance the value and cost-effectiveness of all outcomes within the functional area of operation. In addition, Justin designs, coordinates, and implements training programs for new clients and personnel within the organization.

Tony Walls


Senior Manager of Software Engineering

877.973.6484 x2220

Tony joined PenguinData in October 2017 as a Senior Software Engineer to aid in advancing and extending our technology with future-proof, forward-thinking features and increase extensibility within our current PenguinData architecture. His responsibilities include to serve as a liaison between the business and technical teams, translating business requirements into technical specifications in order to architect and facilitate solutions. He is key in helping to architect and code the evolution of our application, filtering and utilizing new, but sensible technologies and methodologies to continually improve our processes, systems and platform. Tony has since been promoted to Manager of Software Engineering to help lead and mentor our team of engineers and continues to guide our technology into the future.

Tony brings over 20+ years of professional experience in the field of Technology serving in roles from leading software development, management of on and off-shore teams, technical writing, public speaking, technological and architectural solutioning and consulting for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.



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