The #1 Workforce Management Software for Small Business, Middle Size and Enterprise Companies

PenguinData Workforce Management helps organizations that are shifting mindsets, values, and workforce management processes to generate long-term sustained change, not only see the benefits within the organization but with employees as well.

  • Increase in Revenue with Real-Time Tracking of all Work in the field
  • We work to increase our clients' productivity and profitability.
  • Increase in Growth Targets
  • Choose what fits your business. Our Workforce Management System is available as the Emperor Suite of Modules, or individual modules a la carte.
  • Load your data just once and it's instantly available across every module you're using. Coupled with PenguinData's robust alert system and reporting capabilities, this superior level of data management enables the kind of turn-on-a-dime decision making you need to fuel your success.

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Douglas C. Boteler – CEO, National OnDemand Inc.

PenguinData is more than just a workforce management software that allows you to track every aspect of your business. It’s a true partnership! We signed up to utilize the software and all of its modules in 2009 and since then we have worked side by side with PenguinData and its team.


Ben Boutwell – CEO, Broadband Telecom Service, Inc.

We at Broadband Telecom Services cannot overemphasize the importance PenguinData has had on our business the last 10 years. PenguinData has helped us to better organize our business and bring congruency to our offices. It has been instrumental in helping us to expand both in area and profitability.


Dick Hylland – Vice Chairman and CFO, TAK Communications.

As we built our TAK vision to become America’s #1 communications, broadband and infrastructure services entity, the PenguinData team was alongside us each step of the way. PD systems provided us with a comprehensive solution for operational, customer, workload and back office management.