Mobile Workforce Management Software

The power of our Mobile Workforce Management Software module is unequaled in the industry for any mobile service personnel segment. Your business will experience streamlined, effective workflow, operations and personnel management on desktop, tablet or any mobile devices with our 100% mobile interface. Drive operational efficiencies with all your data connected in one central location and see the benefits of automating your business and your mobile workforce.

Whatever your requirements, partner with PenguinData for optimized mobile workforce management solutions. Our services deliver all the capabilities you need for operational management in one intuitive platform. With cutting-edge technology and enhanced data management strategies, our software allows you to increase productivity and profitability while streamlining workflow and enhancing data integrity across your organization.


Mobile Workforce Management


Our Mobile Workforce Management Module acts as the central data hub for all modules.

Delivering optimized capabilities to meet your applications, our mobile workforce management solution facilitates data sharing, performance and equipment tracking, day-to-day management tasks and other critical responsibilities in one intuitive platform. Our mobile workforce management tools offer complete visibility into their processes, whenever your team is on the go. With a central data system, you can take advantage of a wide range of capabilities for more effective management.

You'll gain a wide range of operational advantages from our services:

Automate Time & Attendance, making it easy to create work from home programs with 100% visibility.

Eliminate paperwork. Track, Monitor and Process work orders that are searchable at any time.

Track data for each employee and/or sub-contractors.

Seamlessly updates all data in real-time. Alert dashboard for action items, and full import/export & parsing capabilities.

Mobile Workforce Management Software

Mobile Workforce Management System


View all aspects from the field in real time with PenguinData Workforce Management.

As you manage daily operations, you need visibility across your organization to track what's happening where. Whether you need to manage employee timesheets and payroll or you want to track equipment fleets and work in the field, our remote workforce management platform can help. Paperless and accessible from anywhere, this streamlined platform puts all the information you need at your fingertips.

Explore the wide range of features we have available for your operations:

  • Work Order Management
  • View Active Alerts in Real-Time - Keep your employees and field teams proactive
  • Update your Customer Client codes and tie them to payroll & invoicing
  • Invoice Reconciliation - Make sure what you are paying for is indeed what you are being paid for by your client
  • Real-time visibility of all personnel, with their electronic personnel files.
  • Financial, Operational, Payroll Reports all in real-time

  • Expense Tracking to assist in even more real-time reports for your management staff
  • Payroll Management, Closing/Locking Payroll, Committing Payroll, Timesheet & Paycheck Sign off's
  • Employee/Contractor Profiles allow you to send memos with real-time acknowledgements, track background checks, update reviews, track and create certification levels, Status Mileage reimbursements


Stay on top of your finances and data management with real-time insights and reporting. Our tools allow you to track employee performance, optimize productivity and seamlessly manage payroll while cutting out time-consuming manual processes. Gain full visibility across your organization while optimizing productivity.

Our mobile workforce management application will empower your business to proactively handle attendance, efficiency and accountability. You can track your team's operations wherever they are, manage payouts and track key metrics with less time and manual processes. Let PenguinData simplify your operations with streamlined features:

Automating time & attendance results in 20% more production time per day, per mobile field technician.

Instantly view top grossing employees, weekly truck revenue, and other real-time financial reports.

View report information with your team to analyze meaningful indicators of performance. Drive positive results through behavioral change accountability.

Automate entire invoicing and payroll process, including deductions. Create & reconcile invoices, and create pay sheets.

Partner with PenguinData for Powerful Remote Workforce Management

With PenguinData, you have access to a platform that's customizable to your requirements. Offering innovative features and wide-ranging capabilities, our mobile workforce management tools give you total control — even when you're on the go. We've built our software specifically for your industry's requirements, and we offer trusted support throughout implementation.

Discover how we can help your organization move forward and explore our mobile workforce management platform today.