Field Service Dispatch Management Software

Field Service Management Software that lets you command your dispatch operations and call centers from one location. Enable your field service technicians, dispatchers, managers and supervisors to track every field service technician and the status of each job to improve service and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art virtual whiteboard has complete GPS and Google map integration.


Virtual whiteboard allows dispatchers, supervisors, and managers to track field service technicians in real time.

The virtual whiteboard provides all your users with a place to manage routes and track technicians. Everything updates to the cloud in real time, ensuring your entire team is making decisions using the same information. Fleet dispatchers, supervisors and managers can use the platform for a range of applications:

Re-route jobs from one technician to the next to avoid missed time frames.

State of the Art Virtual whiteboard has complete GPS and Google map integration.

A built-in alert system notifies dispatch when a job is in jeopardy so they can assign resources as appropriate to the situation.

Reduce truck rolls by routing technicians efficiently from a central location.

Field Service Dispatch Software

Field Service Management

Do You Want to Optimize Your Workforce and Increase Field Service Performance?

It is easy to do with PenguinData's state-of-the-art Virtual Whiteboard. We provide tools you can leverage to:

  • Set alerts that will help you quickly overcome issues with projects or technicians.
  • Route technicians more effectively and make maximum use of available work hours.

  • Access resources for closing jobs out, sending billing codes to payroll and generating invoices.
  • Allows you to outsource your dispatch/call centers to 3rd party vendors, while still maintaining visibility and accountability of your billing.

Why add the Field Service Dispatch Management Module?

Adding advanced dispatch capabilities to your company capabilities offers multiple benefits no matter how many field technicians you have or what industry you serve. This software is a tool that benefits dispatchers and drivers by streamlining the routing process and making it easier for you to overcome unexpected challenges without losing productivity.

Some of the top reasons to consider the Workforce Management Dispatch Software Module as part of your software subscription include:

  • Better Customer Service: You can use our WFM dispatch software to more accurately estimate arrival times and offer smaller windows for work orders.

  • Reduced Resource Consumption: The software guides you through routing so you can plan the most efficient routes and reduce fuel usage.

  • Simplified Fleet Management: Our software reduces the time and energy you need to spend mapping routes, freeing you up for other activities.

  • Emergency Re-Routing: If technicians encounter traffic, closures, construction or an accident, you can plot a new route they can use to get around.

  • Improved Fleet Safety: Providing technicians with effective routes they can depend on will let them dedicate their focus to their actions and the road.

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Schedule an online software demonstration to learn more. Our team will show you all the different features, advantages and benefits the PenguinData Field Service Dispatch Software Module has to offer. PenguinData Field Service Dispatch Software is one of the many advanced modules we have available.

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The PenguinData Platform is cloud-based and housed on secure servers. Data and messages are transmitted via an SSL v3 connection and protected by SQL attacks. You can use these tools to share information, send documentation and broadcast updates from a computer or mobile device. This intutive platform's capabilities include:

Streamlining operations and improving customer service, resulting in increased profitability.

Creating separate accounts for all dispatchers so you can track and manage performance.

Sending your customers an image of the technician and vehicle before they arrive on site.

Simplifying Post Call Management of all work orders to help improve company processes.