Fleet Tracking and Asset Management Software

Create real-time visibility and accountability with the best solution for field service fleet asset tracking and inventory management. Your fleet and equipment assets are one of your most expensive business investments. Keep your investment under control for improved profitability.


Fleet Asset Management


Asset tracking software helps you keep track of your inventory.

Your fleet, equipment and fixed assets are the lifeblood of your business. From fixed assets like the vehicles that make up your fleet, to meters, laptops, hand tools and other equipment, this module handles it all.

  • Asset Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Tool Management

Fleet Asset Management Software

Fleet and Asset Management System


Fleet Asset Management System

View all aspects in the field in real-time. The Fleet Asset Tracking Module features include:

  • Tracking of all serialized assets
  • Establish periodic inspections with alert capability
  • All inspections/audits done in the field via mobile device with electronic sign-off
  • Picture upload capability for proof of condition upon issuance and inspection
  • Real-time visibility of all assets issued to personnel
  • Instant access for budgetary needs
  • Full electronic vehicle profile transfer ability from office to office with complete vehicle maintenance history

The Advantages of Our Fleet Management and Asset Tracking System

Our fleet management solution gives you more control over your fleet vehicles and other serialized assets. You'll have a centralized, secure space to organize everything you want to track and the capability to add important information you can use in day-to-day operations and in the long term.

Advantages you can gain when you use our asset tracking system software to monitor your fleet include:

  • Improved operational visibility: Our mobile asset tracking software offers updates in real time. This capability makes it easy to manage assets on the move. It also improves employee accountability, letting you know if technicians stick to the route, make unauthorized stops or use your assets after hours.

  • Simplified asset maintenance: You can use our field service asset tracking platform to keep an eye on asset condition, service history and much more using an online database. This information is valuable in establishing effective maintenance routines that will help you ensure your vehicles get the service they need without disrupting your schedule.

  • Increased productivity: Our asset management tracking tools will give you more control over asset location and condition, helping you get more done per day using fewer resources. The automated tools can also help drivers spend less time on the side of the road and more behind the wheel.

  • Reduced overhead costs: PenguinData Fleet and Asset Management Software will help you control and eliminate expenses. The platform eliminates manual data entry and lets you see company operating costs in tailored reports. You can analyze the data to slash expenses and track how your changes are impacting your bottom line.

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Automating and organizing your processes using our mobile asset tracking software will help increase speed and accuracy. All the data you need will be in one place, making it easy to get the information you need and by helping you reduce annual budget planning time by up to 90%. The software will:

Let employees with company vehicles document accidents with real-time photo uploads.

Keep you up-to-date on all maintenance issues, asset verification, and vehicle inspections.

Use an alerts dashboard to keep you current, making sure that important issues are not overlooked.

Provides you with the capabilities you need to track all essential equipment, including meters and tools.