Field Service Quality Assurance Management Software

The field service quality assurance software module provides instant quality assurance and safety management feedback on field service technician performance. See trending quality assurance performance issues by monitoring metrics such as quotas, pass/fail ratios and more. Automate any needed notifications to Employees, Contractors and/or Management.

At PenguinData, we understand the critical responsibilities you need to address. Our field service quality assurance management software will help you stay ahead of your operations and ensure you're meeting the highest standards consistently.


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Setting Standards for Employees & Contractors in Field Service Related Work.

Ensuring you're meeting key standards for your industry is a crucial consideration as you manage day-to-day operations. With field safety inspections management software, PenguinData streamlines your requirements and helps you seamlessly meet requirements across your organization. We understand that field service facility inspection management is a priority to ensure you meet industry standards and create a safe work environment for employees.

Our industry insiders have used their real-world experience in the field to build our software. We know your team members are often on the go. Our field service job site safety management software works in real time as a central platform to coordinate activities and ensure safe, efficient working conditions. The system makes quality assurance and safety fully transparent across your organization, enabling more effective safety inspections and streamlining management with less labor and time commitments.

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Take advantage of powerful technological features:

Set a percentage of completed jobs to be reviewed and compared with managed quotas.

Using the Store Forward App, technicians can continue working and entering information while out of service.

Get instant feedback on the status of any QA job, including access to any uploaded photos.

Assign back-charges for jobs that do not pass QA. Send the back-charges for automatic invoicing.

View trending performance issues by monitoring pass/fail ratios and technician averages.

Real-time visibility by management as well as in Employee/Contractor portal, as QA’s are completed.

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Mobile Interface

View all aspects in the field in real time with the Field Service Quality Assurance Software Module.

With comprehensive field service job site safety assurance software, you can go paperless and manage everything from one convenient, digital platform. You can track a range of critical data across field service sites and maintain a consistent standard for quality assurance and safety conditions.

Our software offers full visibility into operations. When you choose PenguinData, you can address key requirements more quickly and easily.

Partner with us to address your applications and handle a wide range of quality assurance requirements through our intuitive technology:

  • View all QA Work on PenguinData's state of the art QA Virtual Whiteboard
  • See all Passing & Failing jobs
  • Send notifications via emails to Employees/Contractors and Management Staff
  • Require notes, comments and or pictures on all items pass or fail
  • Create Custom Inspections Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Accident Reports