Warehouse Inventory Management Software Module

Inventory Management and Asset Tracking is effortless with the Warehouse Inventory Management Module. View any piece of equipment or material, right down to the technician, vehicle, work order or project in real time. Transfer equipment and reconcile inventory in only minutes, regardless of location.


Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

PenguinData Warehouse Tracking Software is cloud-based. You and your users can log in using a computer or mobile device to view, add and edit data in real time. Everyone will be able to see the most current information, eliminating multiple challenges with allocating assets and ensuring you have the materials you need to complete projects. There's also no hardware to install or manage, making it easy to scale as your company grows.

We designed our Warehouse Inventory Management Software for field service providers using feedback from real field service providers. It's specifically designed to give you the tools you need to improve productivity and efficiency and improve your bottom line. The software offers support for businesses serving:

  • The Power Industry.
  • Broadband Providers.
  • The Wireless Industry.
  • Solar Energy Companies.
  • The Natural Gas Industry.
  • Telecommunications Providers.
  • The Water and Wastewater Industry.

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Manage your inventory accurately with detailed tracking for warehouse assets.

PenguinData's cloud-based warehouse inventory management software lets users view inventory counts and make changes instantaneously using a tablet or smartphone.

Work Order integration keeps track of your customer equipment and also materials consumed by field personnel. Accomplished in real-time with a digital footprint down to the work order.

Work from home programs for technicians through Equipment Tote creation (equipment package covering multiple days of work).

Electronic sign-off for CPE’s, materials requests, and check-in/check-out processes.

Transfer equipment between techs and reconcile inventory within minutes.

Equipment Tracking & Warehouse Management

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Manage inventory by tracking equipment & materials as they move between the warehouse, the field, and the job.

  • Mobile Interface
  • Transfer Equipment
  • Receive Alerts
  • Fill Out Materials/Parts Orders Electronically
  • Parts Usage and Cost Recorded to Each Job
  • Bar Codes

  • Stock Levels
  • Boost Your Accuracy with Data Visibility
  • Historical Reports
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Issue & Return Reports
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

The Benefits of PenguinData Warehouse Management

PenguinData's Warehouse Inventory Management Software offers advantages regardless of how many employees you have or warehouses you manage. The platform makes managing equipment and materials simple, and it's scalable with more than enough features and capabilities to support future growth.

Some of the leading benefits you'll gain by adopting the platform include:

  • Ease of Use: Our software is easy to implement into your company processes. It's also easy to learn, with a simple user interface and intuitive menu controls

  • Centralized Controls: This technology provides a centralized location for storing all your inventory data, eliminating the need to look for information in multiple places.

  • Access Wherever You Need It: Cloud servers and mobile capabilities provide access to inventory databases 24 hours per day, giving you operational control whether or not the office is open.

  • More Time: Many of the tools included with our Warehouse Inventory Management Software will help you save time, letting you dedicate your focus to more important tasks.

  • Reduced Loss: Advanced inventory controls, a centralized location and cloud access all contribute to helping you tighten inventory controls and reduce loss.

  • Paperless Management: Going paperless eliminates the need for printers and filing cabinets, helping you save space, eliminate manual tasks and cut overhead costs.

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Our Equipment Inventory Tracking Systems Asset Tracking and Warehouse Inventory Management Software is suitable for businesses of any size. It's a long-term solution that's easy to implement and use, and it's scalable to accommodate future growth.

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Track materials, including item quantity, cost and condition, to ensure company readiness and improve your bottom line. You will quickly transform your inventory management processes, making it easier to plan and budget projects and eliminating countless challenges.

Lost inventory and back charges are problems of the past. Track every material, including CPE, fittings, and more.

Easy to use features for inventory reconciliation, for field & warehouse.

Auto creation of bar codes for any or all assets.

Alerts inform you of aging, inventory levels, and high/low stock level quantities. All missing CPE appears in Workforce Module for HR processing.