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At Broadband Telecom Service, Inc. the foundation of the culture is based on a common value known as: Integrity. This is not just a word used within the company as a point of focus. This is the keystone of our infrastructure for existence and the secret to our growth over time with one another, clients, customers, vendors, and the public in general.

Ben Boutwell – CEO, Broadband Telecom Service, Inc

We at Broadband Telecom Services cannot overemphasize the importance PenguinData has had on our business the last 10 years. BTS has historically been a business made up of numerous offices in numerous locations spread throughout the country. Before using PenguinData as our workforce management tool, we struggled to have consistency and transparency in our offices. PenguinData has helped us to better organize our business and bring congruency to our offices. It has been instrumental in helping us to expand both in area and profitability.

PenguinData is user-friendly well designed. It has allowed us to easily compartmentalize our offices so that each user can work in their specified areas, while allowing management to have visibility in multiple areas. PenguinData also has an easy flow that makes it easy to train, as well as numerous reporting methods that have been essential for accountability in our team. The staff at PenguinData have helped us to customize areas of their system to better suit the needs specific to BTS, and have been receptive to our feedback, so they can continue to update their system to better serve their clients.

Over the past 10 years, PenguinData has been a vital part of our organization. I feel like they have been an essential “partner” that has helped us achieve our success. I also feel like they have allowed us to help them grow as well. Thank you, Mike, Craig and the rest of the team at PenguinData for helping us to exceed our business expectations over the last 10 years. I pray for continued success in our futures.