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National OnDemand, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing OnDemand services Nationally, Anytime, Anywhere! Through the completion of multiple mergers, acquisitions and organic growth the company is continuing to grow rapidly across the country. There are 6 primary divisions of the company: Fiber Services, Construction Services, Structured Cabling Services, Home Services, Business Services, and Emergency Services. The various divisions of the company allow National OnDemand to provide full turnkey solutions to all customers.

True Partnership

Douglas C. Boteler, CEO, National OnDemand Inc.

PenguinData is more than just a workforce management software that allows you to track every aspect of your business. It’s a true partnership!

We signed up to utilize the software and all of its modules in 2009 and since then we have worked side by side with PenguinData and its team. The software and its many features and reports adds significant profits to our bottom line by allowing us to keep overhead down and support staff lean, while simultaneously offering better support and clarity to our team. Our employees and contractors enjoy and cherish the real time data that the portal provides. This clarity allows everyone in our team to be on the same page without sending out emails, making phone calls, etc., we just simply use the software as part of our day to day business.

Not only does the software allow members of our team clarity and help communication, but it also provides our management teams with extensive reporting. This reporting allows management to monitor all aspects of the business day to day with real time information and we are able to drive profitability same day. Unlike the old days where you had to wait for monthly financials to make decisions, we are able to make decisions same day and ensure every day is profitable leading to great year end returns.

All of the benefits that the software offers and all of the different modules that allows us to control every aspect of the business is just a small part of why we remain a PenguinData client. One of the key benefits is the partnership that we have developed over the years with the personnel employed at PenguinData. The personnel at PenguinData provides myself and my team with outstanding support and leadership. We utilize PenguinData’s for our payroll and accounting needs as well. Their expertise in the business continuously helps our company comply with all labor laws and ensures we utilize correct accounting practices. This allows us to have a superior level of financials and payroll services without even having to employee corporate staff to maintain and service it.

It goes without saying that PenguinData is a great product and the team that supports PenguinData makes it even better! We’ve heard the stories about companies that find it hard to believe that PenguinData can save them money. For me it’s simple, the cost of PenguinData is less than one 50k salary and it manages the dispatch, warehouse, assets, tools, QC’s, MDU, construction projects, audits, human resources, payroll, invoicing and accounting. Tell me one salaried employee that can do all of that..."