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Harris Company is growing steadily, but we remain hands on. We believe in keeping our company close knit and knowing who each employee is. No matter how much we grow, we will always try our hardest to keep that "humane" touch. We host several events annually where we invite our entire staff and encourage them to bring spouses and kids. We've learned that people will put their best foot forward when they feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Lisa Mango – Vice President, The Harris Company, Inc

PenguinData has been an amazing asset to our company. This is the first time in the history of our business (open since 2003), that there is complete transparency in regard to what jobs we have on hand, what status each job is in, Etc. When someone in a higher up position such as a project manager or supervisor leave the company, having all our jobs in penguin allowed us to make those transitions almost seamlessly. I also want to commend the PD team for being so patient with training and for always being available to assist. There are always updates/improvements in the works and each one has been so helpful. Some of my favorite features are being able to issue jobs to our team immediately while in the field and having all the maps and required documents right at their fingertips at the press of a “submit” button. In years prior to PD, if we got an emergency job or simply forgot to issue a project in the morning, we would have to have the tech or supervisor come back to the office to obtain the maps and job documents or take a photo of the map and text it (hoping the picture quality was sufficient). Now, we don’t have to waste that time or energy getting them the job info. Another great feature is the birthday reminders, work anniversary reminders, and the alerts that the tasks have been under a certain status too long. Without these features, I assure you there would be some upset employees for lack of acknowledgement for birthdays, work anniversaries and there would also be jobs that could slip through the cracks without those alerts. We discover new features that assist our efficiency almost daily. We toyed with purchasing PD for years, and now that we took the plunge, we will be lifelong customers. We truly recommend this program to everyone in the cable construction/low voltage wiring industry.