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Thalmon Veira – Operations Manager, Underground Construction Experts

PenguinData has been a key factor in the success of our company. The software has layers upon layers of customizable modules each one specialized to work specifically for our needs. Our company uses PenguinData to track every aspect of our work. That ranges from employee clock ins and outs, profit and loss, all the way to fleet repairs and invoice creation. PenguinData made it so we were able to go paperless and made organization and record filing leaps and bounds easier than before. I can’t count how many times a service repair from 2-3 years ago comes up and we can pull the job up and gain insight on all the information we need to resolve that issue. Information like the technicians who completed the job, before and after pictures techs uploaded on site that show already existing damage and the final product of restoration. These online reliable records are the future and have saved us money on countless damage claims that otherwise we’d have been liable for. Today PenguinData has become an essential tool used from beginning to end in our business. It has been 5 years since we started implementing PenguinData. We’re still finding new ways to incorporate it further and make things more efficient for our employee’s month after month. PenguinData has an extremely vast and intricate program each module more complicated than the other. The learning curve is steep, but PenguinData has some of the best customer service we’ve ever dealt with. No matter the questions or obstacles we run into they have always responded quickly and taken their time to properly train our management until we’re confident and understand their system. Even today we’ll occasionally set up online conference calls with PenguinData trainers to brush up our know how and learn how to use updated software or new features. All in all, we highly recommend PenguinData for those who are looking to take their business to the next level.