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Integrated Communication Services believes that teamwork and dedication to produce a very high quality of return. Our efforts are concentrated on the needs of the system and consumer satisfaction. Our customer will be satisfied with a quality product and service. We believe in our company and our company believes in us.


Luke Jewett - CEO, Integrated Communication Services

I have been in the Cable industry for over 17 years as a Contractor, I have seen this industry grow substantially over the years. As a contractor there where many challenges keeping track of productivity, Quality assurance, warehouse stocks, Asset tracking, real time tech visibility, ETC. Essentially either you had piles of paperwork or multiple spreadsheets and several employees to do the data entry just to keep up! I was introduced to PenguinData over 6 years ago, when it was first piloted to me, I thought to myself, WOW someone actually created a program specific to a cable contractor? Ever since then I have never looked back. PenguinData has helped us in reducing our overhead costs and virtually going paperless. I like to call it one stop shopping! PD has allowed us to take the word accountability to a whole other level within our workforce with "Real Time" reporting. I have to say I probably login to PD almost every day, and I am not sure what I would do without it. The staff at PenguinData is hands down A class they are always there to support your needs! Through the years that I have used PD I can say that not one time have I ever experienced any down time on the system. If you are able to use every aspect of PD in your business, you cannot go wrong. I can go on all day about the program and its benefits to our company. I want to give a special thanks to the PD staff for our continued partnership and support.