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Kablelink consultants truly enjoy our chosen line of work. As a company, we find our field to be both challenging and rewarding, which allows us to have fun doing what we do. This passion and enthusiasm is evident in every engagement we deliver.

Our organizational experience yields a strong portfolio of capabilities which enables us to address any challenge that comes our way. Kablelink is committed to providing its people with the professional development needed to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Tim Geske – CEO, Kablelink Communications

PenguinData has been an incredible software platform for our company, I strongly recommend the product, but more importantly, the team and support are second to none. As a larger cable contractor based in Florida, we struggled keeping up with the “in-house” program we built. Just as our IT Director would make changes to our program, we would need additional functionality. It was costly and nowhere near what we needed in a rapidly changing environment. We needed help and that’s when we discovered PenguinData. We looked at a variety of other programs but none of them came close to what Penguin created. Mike and his team are dedicated professionals that truly understand the market we are in and what our customers and technicians want. During the integration and rollout phase a few years ago they were outstanding, providing support at each one of our sites to answer all our questions. It was during that time that we realized we choose the right company to partner with. Penguin is very receptive to adjusting to our clients’ needs and they are constantly adding valuable functionality to the software.

PenguinData has great reports with respect to, work order history, financial reporting, inventory, and the list goes on and on. What I was not prepared for was how strongly our technicians feel about the product, particularly, the ability calculate their payroll, upload pictures of completed jobs and track their inventory. Once again, I strongly recommend PenguinData, they are the right software but more importantly are the people that have created and stand behind the product!